One Team. One Culture. One Mission.

Our mission is to align with partners who match our culture, energy, vision and mission, and can benefit from our proven framework. We believe that it's possible to build a massive national brokerage that still has one core culture. It's never been done before...until now. Join us on the ride. With us, you win, your agents win and we win. 

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The Benefits Of Joining BE3

What's in it for you?

  • Eliminate your overhead
  • Offer more to your agents
  • Focus 100% on growing
  • We handle compliance, MLS inputting, accounting, support & more
  • Participate in the upside while eliminating your financial and administrative requirements

What's in it for your agents?

  • They get our 90% split model
  • Daily broker led training
  • Online university for additional training
  • Global awareness of Century 21 Brand
  • Award winning technology
  • Full admin support, coaching and more
  • Exclusive lead generation tools

What's in it for us?

  • We get to add an awesome company 
  • We grow our agent count, production and market share
  • We get to leverage our support structure over a larger area
  • We get to empower educate and encourage more agents on a daily basis


Financial Model & How It Works


Technology & Support


Culture & Recognition

The Math & How This Works

Our model is simple. Stupid simple. But it's taken 30 years to be able to offer it. Because the only reason this model works is due to the infrastructure, success and brand equity that has been built over the last 30 years. Like you, we started as a traditional brokerage. Multiple offices, big brand name, full service etc. Then, we had an idea. What if we didn't have the offices? What would that do to our overhead? Could we still train everyone? Could we still get the engagement? Could we coach virtually? Could we keep the big brand name of Century 21? After many meetings, tightening up on our processes and leveraging technology and our award winning leadership team, the answer to all of the previous questions is, YES! Enter Century 21 BE3. The first cloud based Century 21. The math is simple.

This model offered to the agents

The model offered to our Regional Partner ( You)

Does it make sense for you? 

Find out here by plugging in your brokerages current numbers.

Our Full Technology Suite:

All of the following tech is included in your partnership with us. Click on each tool below to learn more about them:

Moxi Works- A Next Level CRM

This full CRM tool is included in your partnership fee and will help you manage your leads and follow up like nothing you've used before. Set up client searches, get reports, automate the notification process and so much more.

  • 100% integrated CRM, Website, Mobile Site, and Mobile App
  • Set up client searches 
  • Know who to contact and when
  • Mange your entire database
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An Award Winning Culture.

Being named a top workplace for the last 13 years means more to us than just about any other award we have won. It speaks to our commitment that we made on day 1 to empower, educate and encourage our agents, staff and clients to live the lifestyle of their dreams. By us showing up everyday ready to go to work and be a better version of ourselves, we set the tone. This is not an easy business. So, having a supportive and empowering culture is vital to long term success. This one thing that we will never lose sight of.

Some Key Stats We're Proud Of:

30 Years Of Success

We have performed over 60,000 transactions and have sold over $12 billion in real estate. This has allowed us to become very good at what we do. Our agents are our heart and soul and these numbers prove that.

#1 C21 In Florida

Our agents are the best. Their efforts have allowed us to become the #1 Century 21 brokerage in the Florida. But, we're not done yet. The #1 spot in the world is on the horizon. We will be the top Century 21 in the world!

Voted Top Place To Work

This is an honor we have had for the last 13 years in a row. This is award we are the most proud of.  This validates to us that we are doing right by our agent partners. Something that we take extremely seriously.

We Give Back.

Our communities have supported us for over 30 years. It's only right that we try to give them, just as much as they have given to us.

We Support Our Youth

Last year alone we donated nearly 1k bikes with our annual bike and toy drive. Century 21 is also partnered with Easterseals and raises over $3 million dollars a year for the organization.

We Support Our Military

Our Military Rewards Program offers cash back rewards to any and all current and former military members and their spouces. This program helps to save our veterans thousands of dollars per transaction. 

We Support The First Responders

When Covid hit, the world changed. While most of us tried to stay safe and secure in our homes, our First Responders were hard at work. So we went on a mission to serve them food and show our appreciation.

We Like To Celebrate Our Agents & Team

Quarterly Events

Annual Awards

Individual Accomplishments

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