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With hundreds of agents on our team, we realize how powerful that network is. From getting help covering an
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Deal Doctoring, Business planning, Coaching, Marketing, Lead generation.
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Florida Realtor Legal Hotline:


Hours: 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday

How it works
Have your Florida real estate license number or NRDS number ready, since you must type in one of these numbers to reach the Legal Hotline. Private attorneys who represent a current member may use the Florida Realtors hotline as long as the member is also on the line for the call.

Once connected, calls for an attorney will be placed in a queue in the order they are received. Calls regarding ethics, MLS, or procuring cause may be redirected to someone who specializes in these areas.

The education provided on the Legal Hotline is intended only for use by the individual Florida Realtors member. Parties to a transaction who have a specific question about their legal rights should consult their own attorney.

Members who require representation in lawsuits, the drafting of specific language or documents or resolution of problems going beyond the scope of real estate law should consult their own attorney.