A Commission Structure That Pays

The average agent earns about 35% more per transaction with us.
The math & our model are simple.

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A Simple & Transparent Commission Plan

No hidden fees or surprises. EVER.

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Let's review your last transaction:

Share In The Profits

Every quarter we share 20% of the profits with our qualifying agents.


  • You must have completed a minimum of one transaction in the quarter.
  • You must have referred over at least one agent who partnered with us in the quarter.
  • Your monthly partnership fee must be in  good standing.


Quarterly Profit: $500,000

  • 20% distribution: $100,000
  • Qualifying agents: 100
  • Distribution Per Agent Partner: $1000

Excuse our language, but hidden fees are B.S.

So here is a complete and transparent list of all of the fees associated to our brokerage:

  • Franchise Fees- None. Zip Nada.
  • Desk/Office Fees- None. Zip, Nada.
  • Annual Fees- None. Zip. Nada.
  • Set Up Fee- $99 one time. 
  • Monthly Fee- $89. This simply helps to cover the expense associated to all of the tech you receive from us.
  • Transaction Fee- $399. This also includes your E&O insurance.
  • Commission Split- 10%. You will pay us 10% of each commission and keep 90%. We'd call that the "lions share" =)

** Please note that any fees not on this list are the sole responsibility of the agent such as misc. bank fees, wire transfer fees, MLS fees etc. Please also note that these fees may be
updated from time to time. If you would like to ensure you have the most up to date fees feel free to email our CMO at MikePuma@c21be.com

SPARK- Health Insurance For Real Estate Agents

We know that health insurance remains a top concern and priority for many real estate agents. With SPARK, members will see a variety of health care plans available for purchase through the private healthcare marketplace.

  • SPARK offers a variety of insurance products that are available on the public exchanges, but also products that are only available to SPARK members via their private healthcare marketplace. This variety gives choice and flexibility to agents when choosing what kind of health care products their family needs**.
  • SPARK combines both public and non-public plans into one place, making it a seamless, one-stop-shop for healthcare needs. There is no more confusion because benefits counselors are available via chat, email, and phone to walk agents through these complicated decisions.
  •  FOREWARN, the leading safety app for real estate agents, comes free of charge to SPARK members.