Office Roll In 

Let's  partner together, take advantage of our synergies and help each other grow and reach new levels.

Efficient Growth

Attractive Model

In order for any partnership to work, the economics of the deal have to be fair to all parties. Our model allows you as the broker and your agents, to make more money. Our model with you is simple and transparent:
90% net split
No Franchise fee
You can mark up to your agents as you see fit.

Less Headaches

You get to leverage our infrastructure and processes leaving you with less headaches and ultimately, less responsibility. Your agents can begin participating in:
Our daily training
One on one coaching
Accounting system
Administrative system
Our premium qualified lead sources
and so much more.

Operational Efficiency

Duplicating efforts is never a smart business move. With us, you can focus on your personal business and we will handle the rest. We will handle:

Let's Make More Money Together

As a broker and an owner you are fully responsible. You have to balance your overhead, agent satisfaction, recruiting, retaining and so much more. We have systems in place for all of those things. Leveraging our system and your local expertise, we can both financially gain. Here is our model:

Our Base Model:

What we charge you.

  • 10% of every transaction
  • $69 per month, per agent
  • $99 per transaction
  • No Franchise Fees 

How You Make Money:

Example mark up:

  • 20% of every transaction
  • $79/mo
  • $299 per transaction
  • No franchise fee
Let's Discuss Partnering

Let's Make Your Life Easier

The main advantage of partnering with us is to make your life easier. Our structure is built to help agents grow and get better. This makes your life easier and their lives better.  Our model is plug and play so we can get your agents input into our system easily and quickly.

Here's What We Will Do For Your Agents:

  • Daily training via zoom
  • Training database to enable continuous education
  • One on one coaching
  • Daily social content created for them
  • Full tech suite - CRM, Private website, Private email, Lead Routing system, Private Zoom room, Brand builder marketing software etc.
  • Lead generation programs
  • Proven scripts, listing process, buyers process daily marketing guides, e-books etc.
Let's Discuss Partnering

Let's Streamline Our Operations

With our model, you don't need the physical office space. We have all of the tools and technology that allow our agents to work, train, and be productive from ANYWHERE. If you want to keep the office(s) you can. But you can cut that overhead if you ant to.

We will also take care of:

  • Recruiting & retaining
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Coaching
Let's Discuss Partnering

What we bring to the table:

Over 30 years of experience

Over 60,000 transactions

The #1 Century 21 in the Southeast

Hundreds of agents on our team