Lead Gen Tools & Partnerships

OpCity- Buyer Leads

Opcity purchases millions of real estate leads from around the web, taking on the risk of lead generation for you. They call, filter, and continually follow up with inquiries until the perfect client is ready to speak to you.. And the best part? They only charge a commission upon close. This is typically a 15%-25% referral.

The advantages to this program are:

  • No Sign-Up Cost
  • Unlike most referral services, they do not charge any sign-up or annual fees. With instant onboarding, you will immediately begin to receive live customer referral alerts.
  • Only Pay On Close
  • To completely align incentives, they get paid when you get paid. They are so confident in their technology, they bear the upfront cost and risk. They put their money where their mouth is!
  • Save Valuable Time
  • No more chasing after cold prospects. They do the heavy lifting to connect you to live referrals, not unfiltered inquiries. Time is money: speak only to ready clients.
  • Detailed Insights
  • Their detailed dashboard gives you advanced analytics and tools unavailable to most agents. Their insights help you to close more deals and track ROI on your lead sources.
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Home Partners- Rental Program

Home Partners is not your normal "rental" program. Mainly because you as the agent, get a full 3% commission. The concept is pretty simple. You attract a renter (large client base) and they go "home shopping" with you just like they would if they were buying. Any home currently listed for sale under $450k and in an approved market (most of FL is approved) is eligible. Your clients pick the one they want and Home Partners will Purchase the home on their behalf and rent it back to them in 12 month increments for up to 5 years at a predetermined rental rate. The renters have the option to purchase the home from Home Partners at any time during the 5 year period. The best part, when HP buys the home, you receive a 3% commission.

The main requirements for the renter:

  • Total Household Income of $45k+
  • Average Credit Score of 570+
  • Must have at least 45 days before they need to move
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Automated Content Creation

Built on top of the world's leading A.I. we have created an automated content tool so that you can create professional prospecting material at the click of a button. Try it here:

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Social Ad Engine- FB & IG Ad Creator

Social Ad Engine is another Realogy Brand exclusive. Built directly in partnership with Facebook, this tool allows our agents to create Facebook and Instagram ads in under 5 minutes. With streamlined optimizations and use of Facebook's best practices, Social Ad Engine drives leads and builds brand for our agents. Simply cover the ad spend which ranges from $69-$259 per campaign (7-14 days). The tool and platfrom itself is FREE.

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Century 21.com- Search Leads

Century 21 is the most recognized brand in real estate. Because of this, Century21.com is a heavily utilized home search tool. The way the site is designed, it integrates directly with our brokerage site. Which means our agents and our listings are high visible and drive many leads. In fact, we have 50-60 leads a week from this source. Those leads get routed right to our agents. 

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