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Agent Road Map

This business is simple but not easy. It can feel overwhelming. Our job as your business partner is to simplify it. So we created Interstate C-21 The highway to real estate success. There are 4 exits off the highway. We help you pick one, and then dive deep into that lane to help get you to where you want to be.

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Daily Training

Our daily training is done live via Zoom, Monday-Friday 8:30 am -9:30 am. Every single day is different but everyday is meaningful. All of these morning training's are recorded as well and added to our Training on Demand portal which is accessible via our mobile app and through our web portal.

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Monthly Training

Throughout each month we conduct 15-20 tactical training sessions via Zoom. Our agents have direct access to the company training calendar and can select which events they believe will have the biggest impact on their business. There is never an additional charge. These are 100% FREE.

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Training On Demand

Life happens. Which means there will be changes to your schedule and routine. Which is why we have created our training on demand portal. In the portal there are hundreds of training sessions with more being added daily, that you can watch when you want, where you want and on whatever device you want. 24/7 access to the education you want and need.

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National Training

In addition to the training sessions that we put on at the brokerage level, Century 21  corporate has thousands of training sessions available to our agents. Choose from live webinars, podcasts, and recorded sessions.

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Tactical Content

We always say this business is simple, not easy. We have tried to simplify it by breaking it down into the "lanes".  Each lane represents a way to make money in this business. We then create training sessions and advice driven content focused on helping our agents with that specific lane. 

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One on One Coaching Available:

Marketing Coaching

  • (1) 30 minute marketing strategy call per week via zoom
  • Help building out a social media strategy
  • Help building your personal brand
  • Help driving leads and prospects

Business & Mindset Coaching

  • (1) 30 minute coaching session a week via zoom
  • Help creating a personalized business plan
  • Accountability and follow up
  • Mindset and motivational work

Two Other Ways To Train, Get Inspired, & Grow:

The Happy Agent Podcast

We believe in the power of human stories. Our Happy Agent Podcast features agents from all production levels and their incredible stories. They dive into their real estate journey and what happiness means to them.

Real Estate Deep Dives

We host various in person training sessions and classes throughout the year. These deep dives typically are offered in a small intimate setting allowing you to truly learn, grow and develop. Our Next Level U is our most popular session.