What Is Your

Next Level?

What Is Your

Next Level?

I'm Ready To Go To The Next Level

Regional President Wanted:

We are searching for a Regional President for our Orlando market. The right candidate will be a team leader who wants to go to their next level. Who wants to recruit and manage a large team that expands throughout the Orlando DMA. As your business partner, we will handle the administration, daily training, payroll etc. Your role is to coach and mentor each agent in the DMA, to hit their next level. Essentially, your role is to empower, educate and encourage your agents to be the best version of themselves. 

Who We Are:

#1 Century 21 In Florida

400+ Agents & Growing

29 Years Of Experience

The Comp Plan

You can still produce and run your own personal business. Our minimum goal/expectation is for you to recruit
100 agents in your DMA.

On top of your personal production:

  • You earn $21 per month per agent in DMA.
  • 1% override of all agents in entire DMA

Example Earnings:

Once 100 agents are recruited doing an
average PPP of 6 deals per year:

  • $21/mo X 100 agents =$2100/mo X 12 = $25,200/year
  • Avg PPP of 6 @ $300k = $9k commission= $90/deal override X 600 deals = $54,000/year
  • Total sample comp= $79,200 + personal business

How Realistic Is 100 Agents?

Orlando DMA Stats:

  • There are nearly 20,000 active agents in the DMA
  • You need to recruit and sign .005% of the agents
  • Think you can do it?
Let's Do This